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About Me

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The Bahamas

My name is Raven and I grew up in a small town in the middle of Wisconsin. While I was in college at UW-Madison, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Australia.

Though I’d always loved to travel, this is where I truly caught the travel bug. Going wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted and meeting even more wonderful people along the way? Count me in.

The Travel Blog’s Beginning

I started blogging in 2018 as a way to assure my family that I was still alive, despite what the news says about the animals down under. Once I returned to Wisconsin, I promised myself that travel would remain a priority in my life. In 2020, I took a two-week solo road trip across the United States, reconnecting with my love for travel and putting my roots down in a new, exciting city.

I am now a Los Angeles-based blogger passionate about solo traveling, unique experiences and last-minute escapes. I enjoy writing stories that make my readers feel as if they are traveling with me, as well as sharing tips for how they can enjoy these adventures themselves on each of my channels. As the name suggests, a few of my favorite things are exploring local cafes, staying in unique accommodations and learning about new cultures on the road less traveled.

Let’s Collaborate

If you’d like to collaborate, or simply have a question that I may know the answer to, feel free to reach out! I love giving back to the travel community that always opened me with such warm arms.

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Coming Soon:

  • Itineraries: See an adventure you wish you could duplicate? Detailed itineraries with day-to-day schedules, tour guide/accommodation references and general information to know-before-you go will be available soon. For now, check out how you can visit luxury in Cancun for only $700 a week.

  • Young Writers: I believe that my ability to express myself in writing at home and exploring the nearby parks while growing up played a huge part in me becoming a travel writer. Now, I want to give that experience to other young writers in school. The Young Writers Program will be launched in a few weeks. If you or someone you know would like to contribute, please reach out to me at raven@lattesnluggage.com. Looking forward to see what’s next!