The Best Club To Join At Monash University

During O-Week, I signed up for Photography Club. I figured this would give me a chance to use my camera down here without looking like too much of a tourist. We had our first event today on campus: a scavenger hunt!

Upon arrival, we were divided up into groups of five. This gave us all a chance to meet some new people on campus who share similar interests [like photography]. We then were each handed the list of clues/what we needed to take pictures of and set off with our cameras ready. We had one hour to take a picture of nine locations or objects, as well as two bonus photos. The catch was, at least one member of our group needed to be in each photo and all the pictures needed to be taken on one person’s camera. We ended up using my camera to shoot:

1. Construction Zone

2. Living Creature


3. Coziest Spot on Campus

4. The Best Food on Campus

5. A Human Reenactment of the YMCA

6. Newton’s Favorite Tree

Look closely to see the tree & subject flipped in the lens

7. The Robot

8. A Bookworm

9. A Different Perspective of Monash

After the hour was up, we all met back up for pizza while each group submitted their best photos. I believe there were seven groups in total, which had two women judge the pictures that were sent in while we ate.

Once they were finished, the runner up was announced along with the winners. Drum roll please….first place, baby! I know, the title of this post already gave it away–just pretend you’re surprised. We ended up leaving the first event with our prizes: a candy bar and a Coles gift card (much needed) looking forward to our next event, a Photo Walk, happening next weekend.

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