The Most Relaxing Way To Spend A Day in Bali

On April 17th, general elections were going on in Bali, so many of the locals were not working because they were busy getting their votes in! This called for a beach day. We took the scooter for a ride down to Sanur Beach and enjoyed brekky by the shore. Coffee, pancakes and fresh fruit in the sun are all a girl could ask for. After breakfast, we went and layed out in the sun for a bit, taking the obligatory runs into the ocean here and there because it was getting HOT.

Sanur Beach

Once I was sufficiently sunburned, we figured it was time to end our relaxation day the only way we knew how: With a balinese massage. It’s not hard to find a masseuse in Bali, and we walked about one block before reaching our destination. One hour and many knots later, I was ready for a nap. However, this was our last night in Bali and we didn’t want to waste it!

Potato Head Beach Club

After rinsing the salt off of our skin and throwing on a summer dress, we took the ped over to Potato Head Beach Club, a popular destination in Ubud for Instagram Influencers and it wasn’t hard to see why. After paying an entrance fee, we went into the beachside resort for dinner and were greeted with the first non-locals we’d seen all week. They all had one thing in common: You could tell they loved having their photos taken. We decided to have an assortment of appetizers for dinner and a rum sunrise as we watched the sunset. It really was a nice resort, but you definitely needed to have money to stay there.

Rum Sunrise

For dessert, we went to Kynd Community, a vegan restaurant, for ice cream. This was a super fun little ice cream parlor and the bathrooms even had individual rolled up pink towels to dry your hands.

Kynd Community

After dessert, we walked around the markets nearby, where most of the sellers were starting with prices that were four times as expensive as the local markets we had first stopped by; good thing we knew our worth while shopping for our fake designer items! After this, we went back to our villa to get some sleep before Nengah picked us up at 2:00AM to finish off our last day in Bali with a bang [check out my next post to see why these insane hours were necessary].

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Joglo Villa Hammock Time

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