The Best Places To Go in Blackrock, Ireland

Blackrock is actually a suburb of Dublin, but has some little wonders of its own going on. Though it may be smaller than the booming inner city, there are still some great sights to see while stopping through!

1. Blackrock Park


Blackrock Park is an absolute MUST-DO on your bucket list. This green oasis overlooks Dublin Bay and even has a small pond equipped with The Peace Fountain, which was constructed in 1986 to mark the International Year for Peace.

2. St. John the Baptist Church


St. John the Baptist Church is a Roman Catholic Church named after Saint John the Baptist (imagine that). This structure is visited by many in order to admire the stained glass windows or the Gothic Revival styled architecture in Ireland.

3. Blackrock Library


Blackrock Library is a beautiful, spacious and light-filled building in Blackrock. It’s important to note that the staff here likes to let you explore and find treasures on your own. However, if you need help finding something, don’t hesitate to ask.

4. Mahon Golf Course


Mahon Golf Course is obviously a golf course in Blackrock. This course is set up around the bay and you can book a tee time or see what sorts of special offers they have going by checking out the Mahon Golf Course website.

5. Vian Holistic

Vian Holistic is a hidden gem in Blackrock. This business, founded by a holistic practitioner, is focused on healing the body. Vian Holistic does this with nontoxic, eco-friendly and organic products for revolutionary skincare and holistic treatments.

6. Church of the Guardian Angels


Church of the Guardian Angels was opened in 1967 and actually boasts a much more modern architecture than compared to St. John the Baptist Church. This beauty is quite massive and if you don’t have enough time to stop by, at least check out their live-streamed mass online.

7. The Blackrock Dolmen Sculpture


The Blackrock Dolmen Structure was unveiled in 1988 and featured 3 elongated people carrying a heaving dolmen. This was created by the famous sculptor, Rowan Gillespie. Sometimes, you may find these three decked out in football gear, celebrating a local win.

8. Blackrock Market


The Blackrock Market is a teeny little market (around 50 vendors) that pops up in Blackrock. Even so, it is probably one of Ireland’s best-run markets. The Blackrock Market features many food stalls that showcase local as well as international food, along with various furniture pieces and art. You’ll find these stalls open every weekend, as well as Bank Holiday Mondays from 11:00AM to 5:30PM.

9. Dublin Garden Trail


The Dublin Garden Trail is among Ireland’s most distinguished private gardens in this area. Most of these private gardens are not open to the public, however, the owners of this property like to share this beauty with others, therefore opened it up for groups to come & ogle over. To see which gardens are available for viewing, head to the Dublin Garden Trail website.

10. Jack O’Rourkes


Jack O’ Rourkes is an award-winning tavern situated in central Blackrock. This Irish pub is open for lunch and dinner and has a cozy vibe perfect for watching the game in. Though some of their items may be a bit pricier, this is definitely a must-do for those in the area.

11. Irish Jewelry Courses


In Blackrock, you can take small, hands-on courses with groups of up to 6 people to learn how to make Irish Jewelry. This was created by a jeweler who was registered with the Craft Council of Ireland and you’ll probably end up working with sterling silver & precious stones.

12. Lynda Booth’s Dublin Cookery School


Lynda Booth’s Dublin Cookery School is an award-winning cookery school (voted best Cookery School in Ireland in 2013 & 2015) located in Blackrock, Ireland. You will learn how to make incredible modern Irish food, as well as international food.

13. The Dark Horse

The Dark Horse is a nice bar in town that’ll fulfill all of your beer-drinking needs. With a nice selection on tap, as well as a few wines for those who aren’t quite sold on the Irish way yet, you really can’t go wrong!

As you can probably tell, Blackrock will give you more of that small-town vibe, as opposed to the big city of Dublin. However, this little place is perfect for day trips or simply finding somewhere peaceful to clear your mind.

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