16 Unique Places in Rosscarbery

Rosscarbery is a village in the county of Cork, Ireland. Though it’s a bit on the smaller side, this beautiful destination will give you the opportunity to see Ireland a bit intimately. From the magic of Rineen Woods to the enchantment of Casey’s Pub, a stop in Rosscarbery will be well worth your time.

1. Rineen Woods


The Rineen Woods are a great place to enjoy a nature reset. While strolling through these woods, keep an eye out for the little fairy houses. Built into the forest, these gems were created & maintained by a local artist. Make sure you come prepared as the trails may be muddy.

2. Galley Head Lighthouse


As you can see above, the Galley Head Lighthouse & surrounding area are absolutely breathtaking. This lighthouse has been active since the 19th century and is situated 133 feet above sea level, overlooking the beautiful St. George’s Channel. This should no doubt be on your bucket list of things to do in Rosscarbery.

3. Owenahincha Beach


Owenahincha Beach is a mere five minutes outside of Rosscarbery and, though you can reach it by car, I recommend taking the scenic walk from Warren Beach instead. This beach is clean and safe and especially spectacular on a nice day, as most beaches are. However, there tend to be very strong currents at this beach, so I wouldn’t plan on doing too much swimming.

4. Rosscarbery Pier


Rosscarbery Pier is a fun place to jump off of (at your own risk). If you aren’t feeling as adventurous as the ladies above, you can always walk or cycle the water’s edge instead, which is just as lovely.

5. St. Fachtna’s Cathedral


St. Fachtna’s Cathedral has been around for over 1400 years! This ancient work of art is the smallest cathedral in all of Ireland and also the only church that you can see the bellringers at from inside of the building. Though St. Fachtna’s Cathedral has been around for a while, it has definitely been well-maintained and welcomes all people to come and have a peaceful reflection within the historic walls.

6. Warren Beach


Warren Beach is another small but clean beach in Rosscarbery. Try and get there earlier in the day as parking may be difficult. Also, though you may be packing your flip flops for the beach, don’t forget to bring some good walking shoes as well, as there’s a gorgeous hike on top of the cliff that will give you an incredible view of the Rosscarbery Bay and cliffs. Also, you can then walk down to Owenahincha Beach afterward!

7. Nolan’s Bar


Nolan’s Bar is a bar downtown with a wonderful atmosphere and outgoing staff & owner. Sometimes they have live music going on, just check their facebook page for the latest events. And if you like seafood, make sure to have a taste of their seafood chowder–it’s got rave reviews!

8. The Lagoon Activity Centre


The Lagoon Activity Centre is essentially just what it sounds like and it’s got plenty of activities for the whole family to enjoy. Jump around on the floating water park, get your cardio in on the pedal boats or SUP, or take a gentle kayak ride through the lagoon. For prices and business hours, head to the Lagoon Activity Centre’s website.

9. Drombeg Stone Circle


Dromeg Stone Circle is, as you can see above, a small circle of ancient stones. This is probably Ireland’s most famous stone circle as it’s one of the most visited megalithic sites. If you look closely, you can see the two smaller entrance stones and an axis Oriente toward where the sun sets. Scientists suggest this structure has been active since c. 1100 – 800 BC.

10. Rosscarbery Pitch and Putt


Rosscarbery Pitch and Putt is a golf course that hosts a spectacular view overlooking the valley.

11. Hubbert’s Crafts

Hubbert’s Crafts is a small, locally run shop located in West Square. Though it is called a craft store, as you can see above, it is more of an old-fashioned antique store. Make sure to swing by and hello to Nora! She’s very generous and you can go to her for advice or guidance on things in Rosscarbery.

12. Coppinger’s Court


Coppinger’s Court is this majestic three-story ruined stronghold that was built way back in 1616. Originally known as “Ballyverine Castle”, this mansion was set afire during the 1641 Rebellion, after Sir Walter instructed his servants to do so if he didn’t return by a certain hour [which, as you can see, he did not]. You can still see the remains of this historic event, as the blackened rubble surrounds what is still standing.

13. The Abbey Bar


The Abbey Bar is a traditional family run pub near Rosscarbery’s seaside. Serving breakfast, lunch & dinner at a good price, the Abbey will surely leave you hoppy and happy.

14. West Cork Farm Tours


West Cork Farm Tours give agricultural & farm tours on Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way. As you can see above, these farms truly have mastered the view and this tour’s a great way to connect with some locals and hear about their passions and lifestyles, not to mention seeing where West Cork’s specialty food comes from!

15. Cork Whale Watch


Colin Barnes is Ireland’s most well-known whale watch operator, being an expert on where and when to find these beautiful creatures. Be prepared for a thrilling and absolutely breathtaking experience.

16. Casey’s Pub

Casey’s Pub has rightfully been called one of the best traditional pubs left in Ireland. Run by the Casey children, your Irish whiskey dreams will be fulfilled as well as your glass. Come here for cozy vibes all around.

Though this isn’t an extensive list, it will give you a great idea of where to start your journey through Rosscarbery.

Where are your travels taking you next?

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