What To See In Limerick, Ireland

Limerick is a town oozing with cultural history, much of which was documented by world-famous author, Frank McCourt. From hiking on the seaside to live music at the Irish pub, there are an abundance of things to do in Limerick that’ll keep your wanderlust soul [and stomach] fed.

1. Dingle Slea Head Tour

The Dingle Slea Head Tour is an easy way to get a guided tour around the Dingle Peninsula, which is easily one of the most beautiful spots in Ireland. This 3 hour tour takes you around the vibrant peninsula through rural Ireland for a quick adventure like no other.

2. Teacht Linn Limerick Food Tours

Teacht Linn is a company that brings you on a yummy food tour around the Milk Market in Limerick.

3. King John’s Castle

King John’s Castle is (perhaps unsurprisingly) located on King’s Island in Limerick. This 13th century beauty is built on the same land that Vikings used to roam back in 922, before the castle was built for King John.

4. Lough Gur Visitor Center

The Lough Gur Visitor Center is Limerick’s hub for heritage. This center showcases history from every age since Neolithic times. Head to their website for more information on admission prices and what to expect.

5. Thomond Park Stadium

Thomond Park Stadium is the official rugby stadium and conference center in Limerick. To see their past events or to book tickets for their upcoming events, go to the Thomond Park Stadium website.

6. Saint Mary’s Cathedral

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Founded back in 1168, Saint Mary’s Cathedral is over 850 years old. This church got its name after being dedicated to the Virgin Mary and now offers daily service for anyone and everyone to come attend.

7. The Milk Market

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The Milk Market is a huge food market in Limerick located on Mungret Street. Though it is called The Milk Market, this market has evolved over the many years to sell not only milk, but locally sourced and delicious food stuffs in general.

8. Terra Nova Fairy Garden

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Ireland – you continue to help me remember my little girl within. The one who can feel so buried under work, business, taxes, responsibilities + just adulting. You are rich with the energy of the maiden + the muse side by side. You are divine. . I adored my time at the Terra Nova Fairy Garden @terra_nova_fairies today + bought myself a special little something to invite more magick into my own garden. . This further land of my folk has me more deeply understanding the depth + breadth of my own humour which has always been strong. Long may I smile + laugh with the Fae in my Celtic corner. . #terranovafairygarden #fairygarden #garden #motherearth #mothernature #thegreatmother #bubbleblowing #innerchild #maiden #maidenarchetype #muse #themuse #musegoddess #musearchetype #flowers #flowerheaven #gardenheaven

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Terra Nova Fairy Garden, AKA the winner of the Best Garden in Ireland, is a magical little garden filled with fairies. As they say, “This garden has a soul, it can’t be explained, it has to be experienced.”

9. University of Limerick

Like any university, the University of Limerick is full of energy. Founded in 1972, this campus is full of beautiful sculptures and people.

10. Curraghchase Forest Park

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Curraghchase Forest Park is a 774-acre forest park filled with amazing hiking trails and fun playgrounds. If you’re coming around lunchtime, there are some BBQ pits that you can grill up a picnic on after your walk.

11. Frank McCourt Museum

Frank McCourt Museum is a smaller museum in Limerick that hosts walking tours. This now-museum used to be the school that Frank McCourt (author of Angela’s Ashes) went to back in the day. It’s quite surreal, especially if you’ve read the book.

12. Coolwater Garden

Coolwater Garden consists of half of an acre of breathtaking and photogenic greenery. Within the garden, you can find the two West Garden ponds and the Water Garden, both of which boast an incredible abundance of aquatic life.

Though this garden is a bit smaller than some of the others in Ireland, it’s still full of lovely flowers and if you’re interested, you can also take a guided tour from one of the plant specialists at Coolwater Garden.

13. Hunt Museum

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The Hunt Museum gets it name from John and Gertrude Hunt, who collected and donated the Hunt Collection. This gallery is also responsible for holding many important and valuable works of art from those of national significance, such as Picasso. For more information about the hours or history, check out the Hunt Museum website.

14. St. John’s Cathedral

St. John’s Cathedral is a Roman Catholic cathedral that was built in 1857, after replacing the remnants of an old 1753 chapel that used to stand on these grounds. St. John’s spire at 94m actually makes this the tallest structure in Limerick, and the tallest spire in all of Ireland.

15. Ballyhoura Walking Trails

Ballyhoura Walking Trails will be your personal paradise if you’re into hiking. These trails will allow you to unwind in solitude with unspoiled landscapes and natural greenery. Click here to check out the Ballyhoura Trails Guide App.

16. People’s Park

People’s Park was created in 1835 with the development of Pery Square. However, due to the economic struggles during the Great Irish Famine, the haven did not officially open until 1877.

Some of the interesting things you can find here are the giant pillar commemorating Thomas Spring Rice (Limerick’s MP from 1820-1832), one of the only two ornate drinking fountains in all of Ireland and a 19th-century bandstand.

17. Limerick Greyhound Stadium

If you know anything about Ireland, I’m sure you’re familiar with their Greyhound racing. The Limerick Greyhound Stadium hosts races each Thursday and Saturday. Check out their website for more information.

18. St. Saviour’s Dominican Church

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Day 300 🇮🇪 . No dia 15/06/2018, consegui meu primeiro trabalho por aqui, e coloquei um fim sobre o que aconteceu em Paris, no meu dia 3 de Europa. O emprego era a única coisa que faltava, depois de já ter conseguido um lar, meu visto e começar a escola. Então, enquanto andava pelo centro da cidade, encontrei essa igreja, e decidi entrar. Não sou a pessoa mais religiosa que vocês conhecerão, mas tenho minhas próprias crenças. Acredito em um Deus, e principalmente, que cada um tem o direito de acreditar naquilo que lhe traz esperança. Geralmente, as pessoas recorrem ao seu Deus para pedir algo, mas naquele momento, a única coisa que fiz foi ficar em silêncio por um bom tempo, e agradecer, por estar vivo e escrevendo minha história. Histórias, que em 300 dias, dão o que falar. Umas que conto por aqui, outras que são melhores pessoalmente, outras que serão contadas em um outro momento, e outras que serão guardadas apenas para mim. Pedi ao padre que abençoasse meu colar que carrego por mais de 10 anos comigo, que simboliza minha família e amigos, e voltei para casa. São 300 dias que estou longe, e 300 dias que estou vivo. E contando! . . #dublin #ireland #eurotrip #livealifeyouwillremember

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St. Saviour’s Dominican Church boasts some of the most charming vibes in the city. Here is also where you will find the famous statue of Our Lady of Limerick.

19. Limerick Museum

Borne in 1916, Limerick Museum is dedicated to the memory of Jim Kemmy and hosts many important artifacts that were collected throughout the years. Among these are Queen Elizabeth I’s civic sword and a mummified cat.

20. Dreamland Fun Centre

Dreamland Fun Centre is an all-inclusive & accessible play centre for children. It’s among one of the first playgrounds that ensures the ability for all children to safely play together.

21. The Treaty Stone

The Treaty Stone is the stone that the 1691 Treaty of Limerick was signed on, ending the Williamite War . This stone has been placed on a pedestal that now stands across the river Shannon.

22. Sarsfield Bridge

Sarsfield Bridge is a five-span limestone road broad built between 1824-35 that connects Sarsfield Street and Ennis Road over the Shannon River. From here, you’ll have a great view of King John’s castle and the rest of the city lining the river.

23. Saint Munchin’s Catholic Church

Saint Munchin’s Catholic Church is a Roman Catholic building that was built in 1827. Munchin actually stands for “little monk” and although Saint Munchin’s is no longer a working place of worship, it still stands tall on the top of Clancy Strand.

24. The Crescent Shopping Centre

The Crescent Shopping Centre is the most successful and largest shopping centre in Ireland outside of Dublin. Though it’s located more on the outer brim of the city, it’s still a great place to go for a diverse range of shops.

25. St. Joseph’s Church

St. Joseph’s Church is the church that was featured in Frank McCourt’s book, “Angela’s Ashes”. In addition to this, the church is also insanely beautiful as the old architecture will bring you right back in time to Frank’s childhood.

26. Limerick City Gallery of Art

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Limerick City Gallery of Art exists within a Romanesque Revival building, originally built as a Carnegie library and museum in 1906. Now, all are invited to visit to see the various exhibitions, collections and gallery events that are constantly happening.

To see what events will be going on while you’re in town, head to the Limerick City Gallery of Art website.

27. GAA or Rugby Match

Sporting Limerick hosts GAA or Rugby matches for all of you sporty travelers out there.

28. St. Michael’s Church

St. Michael’s Church is right next to the Limerick Milk Market, so, if you’re already going by there, it’s an easy way to kill two birds with one stone. Head to this little gem for a colorful & incredibly peaceful visit.

29. Mungret Park and Playground

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Mungret Park and Playground is a park that’s satisfying for all ages. Whether you want to run, picnic or just simply relax, Mungret Park is the place to do it.

30. Thomond Bridge

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Thomond Bridge is the oldest bridge in Limerick, being created in about 1185 to connect Limerick Castle to the Shannon River. Though it’s obviously been reconstructed a few times over the years to ensure its safety, the Thomond Bridge that you’ll find today was last completed in 1840.

31. Arthur’s Quay Shopping Centre

Arthur’s Quay Shopping Centre has about 30 shops within it and truly focuses on that experiential shopping that we’ve [almost] all come to crave. It truly is your one-stop shop for all things retail–not to mention the enormous food court.

32. Redemptorist Church

The Redemptorist Church is a painstakingly beautiful building–it’s architecture will literally make your jaw drop. Visit their website to learn more about the history and see when their next service takes place.

33. Newtown Pery

Newtown Pery is basically the CBD or city center of Limerick. It’s home to the largest collection of Georgian townhouses in Ireland [besides Dublin]. Here, you’ll find lots of interesting architecture and a world of retail.

34. Horse Drawn Carriage Trips

I’m pretty confident that we all know what a horse drawn carriage is, need I explain further? The carriage tours go around Limerick, leading you on an award winning sightseeing tour.

35. Adare Desmond Castle

Adare Desmond Castle consists of the ruins of a 13th-century castle & ring fort that runs along the river. Doing daily guided tours, you can explore this castle located in the small village of Adare any day of the week between June and September. If you’re visiting outside of these months, you may still be able to get a tour per request.

36. Dolan’s

Dolan’s is a Traditional Irish Pub that consists of a restaurant and FIVE music venues. Check out their website to see what some of their upcoming gigs are.

37. Foynes Flying Boat and Maritime Museum

Foynes Flying Boat & Maritime Museum will blast you back in time to the 1930’s and 40’s. You’ll learn all about how Foynes was one of the greatest transatlantic passenger flights of its time and the history of Flying Boats.

38. Bishop’s Palace

Bishop’s Palace is right near King John’s Castle. Formerly the home of the Protestant Bishop’s of Limerick, this house is now open for the public to explore its English Palladian style rooms.

39. Toll House

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The old toll house on the corner of Castle Street and Verdant Place, stands on the banks of the River Shannon, beside Thomond Bridge and facing the more majestic King John’s Castle. With its lancet windows, turrets, exaggerated crenellations and parapets, and its gothic appearance, it looks like another part of the mediaeval heart of Limerick. But this not a mediaeval gothic castle. Instead, it is a three-bay, two-storey limestone former toll house, built in the Gothic Revival style in limestone around 1840. The mediaeval-like features include the pointed-arch door, the blind gun-loops on the front elevation and the south-west corner, and a carved limestone plaque bearing the city’s heraldic emblem of two towers. The building has square-headed lancet windows with tooled chamfered limestone ashlar surrounds, flush sills, and replacement timber sash windows. There is a square-plan tower at the south-east corner with a crenellated parapet rising from a parapet stringcourse with a machicolated balconette and machicolated square-plan turrets at the south-west and north-west corners. Above, the hipped roof behind the crenellated parapet wall dates from about 1990. The Toll House, which also looks like a folly, replaced an earlier toll house that stood on the same site. It was built to collect tolls entering the city from the Thomond or Co Clare side, west of the Shannon. The building was a humorous exercise, designed by the brothers James and George Pain, the architects who also designed Thomond Bridge. Although it has a fortified defensive look, it brings together a functional use and the romantic ideas popularised by the 19th-century Gothic Revival movement. #tollhouselimerick #limerick #historicaltoursireland #jorgenhartogstourguide

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The Toll House was built with limestone in 1840 and boasts Gothic Revival architecture. Nested next to Thomond Bridge, you can see the Toll House from King John’s Castle and almost imagine the half-penny tolls being paid back in the day as passengers came into Limerick.

40. Museum of Old Irish Ways

The Museum of Old Irish Ways is like no other museum you’ve been to before. Walking into this museum is like falling down the rabbit hole. No matter what generation you’re from, the reaction when stepping inside is always the same: Amazement. From the old kitchen to the Irish Creamery and even the classroom, this museum allows you to truly experience history.

41. Kayak Down The Shannon

The River Shannon runs through the city, which allows for many unique experiences. Whether you want to stroll along it or immerse yourself in the watersports themselves, Nevsail Watersports will have the adventure planned safely for you.

42. Bunratty Castle Banquet

Bunratty Castle is a 15th-century tower house that hosts medieval banquets. As a more touristy attraction, this tour tends to be a bit pricier, but the servers, entertainers, music and food make it all well-worth it.

43. Grange Stone Circle

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Built between 4,000-6,000 years ago, the Grange Stone Circle is Ireland’s oldest and biggest circle of standing stones. Named after the sun goddess Grain, this magical and mysterious circle is a place of worship, sacrifice and ritual gatherings.

44. Locke Bar

Locke Bar is an award-winning Gastro Pub in Limerick that offers live Irish music and dance seven nights a week. For those of you who were never good at math–that’s every night! For more information on hours or to check out their menu, click here.

45. Jack Monday’s

Limerick locals have constantly called Jack Monday’s the best cafe in the area. On top of that, with a friendly staff, great coffee and a perfect location, I mean…how could you go wrong?

46. Nancy Blakes

Nancy Blakes is known as Limerick’s “Best Night Out”. Located in the CBD, Nancy Blakes also has a live music venue, but only 5 nights a week. Nonetheless, this old traditional Irish pub has a cool vibe that keeps people coming back.

As you can see, from hiking to nightlife to food and history, Limerick really has got you covered.

Where will you be stopping first?

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