The Most Insane Cave To Kayak Through Kentucky

By morning time, it was surprisingly–STILL– sprinkling outside, so we didn’t stick around our lovely yurt for too much longer. The day for our dreaded drive home had finally crept up on us, but first, we had to have a grand finale. I signed my life away once again, figuring it usually pays off when I do so.

“Is there anyone here who has never kayaked before?”

Two couples raised their hands, signaling the beginning of an obligatory how-to-use-common-sense speech.

“Who’s next?”

Strapping on my life jacket, helmet and head lamp, I stepped into a teal-colored kayak and was immediately shoved out into the darkness. Today, we were exploring an old, flooded mine. Following the glowing blue light of my guide ahead, we descended into the depths of the cave. Around the bend, a monstrous fish swam beside my kayak, almost sending me overboard. However, they weren’t the only force I’d have to battle within that cave.

Cave Kayaking

The first-timer couples had, destructively, teamed up into two double kayaks, causing twice the trouble in the water. After being body slammed with the absence of so much as a, “Sorry,” or maybe even a, “My bad,” for the third time, I took on a defensive role in the front of the pack. Although, I can’t deny the fact that their attempts at slapping the water out of sync and crashing into everything in sight wasn’t entertaining.

We swiveled left and right through the halls, pointing out formations here and leftover mining equipment there. After what seemed like five minutes, but was in reality an entire hour, natural light began to spill in and I knew our time here was up. Stepping out of my kayak, I was extremely thankful to make it back without taking a dip, as the water was a freezing 40 degrees Fahrenheit. To put this in perspective for you, even professional divers with full wetsuits can only be in these water for 15 minutes due to the frigid temperatures.

We hit up a general store on our way out of Kentucky, scoring some melt-in-your-mouth homemade fudge and, of course, a Kentucky Blue Monday candy bar.

It was my first time trying one of these, but if Kentucky tasted half as good as it looked, then I was in for a real treat. I closed my eyes to completely experience this sweet dessert and a smile crept across my face.

Dear Kentucky,

Nailed it.

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  1. What an adventure! Sounds like you had fun. That fudge sounds amazing. Maybe I’ll add a visit to Kentucky to my to-do list. I love exploring new places.

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