22 Easy Ideas Every Traveler Wants As A Gift

This guide is essentially a list of all of the travel presents I have gifted myself because I wanted them so badly. However, the upside of wanting travel gear so bad that I spend my own hard-earned money on it, is that I have done all of the research for you, finding the best presents for your loved ones.

Besides, there is no better way to show someone you love them than by presenting a thoughtful gift to your favorite traveler. I’ve went ahead and linked every item right to Amazon.com for purchase, so feel free to use this as the Ultimate Wishlist for a traveler in 2022.

Note: As an Amazon Associate, I earn commissions from qualifying purchases. This in no way affects you and your prices as a buyer, it just rewards me as a referrer. Thanks so much for supporting this Holiday season!

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Stocking Stuffers (Under $25)

1. International World Scratch-Off Map

I’ll be the first to say that I love this map and I didn’t get it as a stocking stuffer, I literally just bought it for myself. It comes with a little scratcher so I can mark off all of the places I’ve been around the world like a to-do list. Not only does it inspire me to travel more, but it also looks incredible hanging up in my home office.

2. Passport Holder

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It’s a pretty easy assumption to make that a traveler will have a passport. If they’re a budget traveler like me, they may not spend money on the things they like, just the things they need. However, a passport holder can be an incredibly important piece of equipment! Not only will it keep your heavily-stamped booklet protected from a water bottle spill in your backpack, but it can also help to deter pickpockets by disguising the important document as another lousy journal. A few of my favorite passport holders are this chic Lily Pulitzer Holder or this newly-popular passport holder with a built-in vaccine card slot.

3. Collapsable Water Bottle

One of the greatest hacks that I have learned as a traveler is to bring an empty water bottle to the airport and refill it in the fountain once I get past security. Not only does this save me from buying a $5 bottle of water inside, but I also can actually consume a drop of liquid when flying with a budget airline like Spirit that doesn’t gift passengers a sip of water when flying across the country. The collapsable water bottle is my favorite because, when it’s empty, I can easily roll it up to save space in my luggage, too.

4. TSA-Approved Hanging Toiletry Bag

I know it may sound silly, but, especially being a woman, I have SO many little trinkets to fit in my toiletry bag that it’s hard to stay organized. This hanging toiletry bag has helped me find a spot for everything I need from toothpaste to moisturizer to earrings when I am on the road. I’ve linked my favorite one of all time above!

5. Luggage Tags

pink gift tag
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I think we’re all well aware of the eye strain caused at baggage claim after inspecting every black and navy blue bag that comes around the track. A simple luggage tag can not only ease the process, but also help immensely if any of your luggage doesn’t make it to your destination with you! A few tags that I love are these aesthetic blue and gold marble ones, this funny pink I’m Outta Here one, the classic passport stamps, and these more simple and luxurious colored leather bag tags.

6. Eye Masks

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Being an avid traveler a lot of time also means being a budget traveler. With cheap flights comes a lot of red eyes and hours spent in the air rather in a comfortable bed at home. Eye Masks can be a life saver, especially if you end up with a night owl in your row who insists on using the reading light. A few of my favorites are this silk pink eye mask, this sleek black eye mask and, of course, this weighted eye mask that’s also a coolant. If you have multiple travelers in the family or friend group, go for this 4-pack of masks and get all of your gifts in one click!

7. Neck Pillows

Much like the eye masks, neck pillows become a travelers best friend when taking flights around the world. Just like regular pillows, you can buy feather neck pillows, microbead neck pillows and, my favorite, memory foam neck pillows. I like the memory foam ones the best because, not only are they the most comfortable for me, they’re also easy to smush into any form to fit into a carry-on.

8. A Travel Journal

Artisan Travel Journal

If your traveler happens to be a writer like myself, then a travel journal will be a necessity for their next trip. Having a pen and paper allows them to write about their adventures whenever and wherever they are. Don’t be distraught if you’ve already bought them a similar gift last Christmas, chances are, they’ve filled it cover to cover already this year! A few of my favorites are this refillable leather pocketbook that could fit in any luggage, this vintage hardcover journal that could brave any weather and this classic black strapped journal.

9. Portable Charger

I think this is pretty much a given. Almost everyone has a phone these days and uses it to get from one place to the next, stay in contact with friends and family and take awesome pictures of the places they go. However, they can’t do all of these things with a dead phone! A few of my favorite portable chargers are this slim, fast charging portable charger and this two-pack dual charger.

10. Travel Books

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The best way to pretend you’re traveling when really you’re on lockdown in your house, is by reading about travel! A few of my all-time favorite travel books are A Walk in The Woods about a man’s hardships on the Appalachian Trail, Patagonian Road about a woman’s year alone traveling Latin America and The Good Girl’s Guide to Getting Lost about a girl’s unexpected adventures while abroad alone.

11. Apple AirTags

Apple AirTags are for the people who lose everything. Phones have that Find Your Phone App, but what about your purse, car keys or your camera bag? Apple AirTags allow you to see the location of your most precious items at any time in the Find Your Phone app that comes with iPhones. Grab a 4-pack of these for less than $25 a tag. This is also a great idea for someone who travels with pets! They can see the location of their animal whenever it’s off-leash on a hike.

12. A Tapestry

One of the items I found that I will always need with me no matter what I’m up to is a tapestry. These have SO many functions and they’re beautiful. I can hang it in my empty bedroom to dress it up, I can use it as a blanket for a beach picnic or I can use it as a towel in a hostel. Being lightweight and fast-drying, a tapestry is the ultimate travel tool. A few of my favorite designs are this beige bohemian print, these exotic banana leaves and this elegant rose pattern.

Gifts Under $200

13. Noise- Cancelling Headphones

I know the announcement on how to survive a plane crash is mandatory and important, but after the 100th time, it gets to be a bit much. My noise-cancelling headphones have been a HUGE lifesaver when flying. From babies crying to Karens shouting gossip over the seats, my headphones can get rid of it all, leaving me to enjoy some peaceful music as the sun sets over the clouds.

14. A Backpacker’s Bag

I bought this backpack last year for myself before a big Europe trip and, let me tell you, I have not put it away since! It’s a perfect size–not too big and not too small, so I’ve been able to use it as a carry-on, avoiding checked bag fees. It has a lot more space inside than it looks like it does, but also manages the weight incredibly well. If you know a traveler who is doing a hiking trip, this bag would also work out well for them with its built-in waterproof cover and hip straps to take the weight off of ones shoulders.

15. Suitcase Set

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So, they’re a traveler, but a bit extra while on the road. Nothing says you have your life together like a matching suitcase set. This is the perfect gift for someone who loves weekend getaways. The set I’m most obsessed with right now is this rose gold 4-piece hardside pack. However, if your traveler wanted something a bit more basic, you could always opt for this black 3-piece hard side spinner pack or the TSA lock red wine set.

16. Kindle

A kindle is a great option for someone who loves to read, but doesn’t have enough room in their suitcase for all of the books they wish they had. To be able to have a device with hundreds of books for the same price that 3 hardcover books would cost is a pretty significant advantage, especially for those who want to keep the bags lightweight. If you’d like to throw in some awesome travel books, check out some of the recommendations I made above in the stocking stuffer section!

17. Rent The Runway Subscription

yellow steel bathtub
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Rent The Runway has been another one of my favorite travel hacks! This company is not only sustainable, but also incredibly affordable. Basically, you can rent designer clothing that you may only wear once on vacation or to an event for an extremely subsidized cost, keeping your wardrobe and travel photos fresh! They also just launched a program that will send your new fashionable clothing right to your hotel to meet you on vacay, rather than having to cram it in a stuffed suitcase. For 40% off of the first two months of the 8 or 16 item plan, use my custom promo code: RTRFAM5982597 when checking out.

18. A Local Exploration

a woman relaxing at the beach
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This new company allows you to set off on a tailored experience in your region of choice. They’ve got everything from mystery food walks to insta-worthy adventures in cities all over the United States, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand. There is absolutely no better (or more fun way) to explore a new place than by doing a mystery picnic in the area with AmazingCo. In fact, I did my first mystery picnic in Malibu, a place I’d already been a few times and I STILL discovered places that I’d never been to myself, ending the day with a picnic on the beach at sunset. There’s no better way to reach a traveler’s heart than by gifting them an adventure.

The Limit Does Not Exist

19. Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is a great gift for not only the traveler, but also the digital nomad. This waterproof technology can receive texts and calls, a bonus for anyone working remotely. By far the greatest advantage I’ve found from it, however, is for the solo female travelers. Not only do you have a backup emergency call system if your phone dies, but you can also keep that phone tucked away from pickpockets, using the watch for any communications you need while on the road. The Apple Watch is a wonderful safety option for travelers.

20. GoPro HERO 10- Underwater Camera

sea water ocean deep
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If you know a traveler that frequents the tropical side of the world, this might just be the perfect gift. I bought myself a GoPro right before I flew to Cancun because I knew I would be swimming with whale sharks and didn’t want to miss that once-in-a-lifetime footage. Gifting someone a camera is a win-win situation because not only will they love capturing their memories while exploring, they’ll get to share all of them with you afterward!

21. FujiFilm X-T4 Camera


The FujiFilm X-T4 camera is great for everyday footage. It takes insanely high quality photos and can record in 4K, which has done wonders for my YouTube channel. If your traveler is also a vlogger, this camera has a view screen that can turn 360 degrees, allowing you to see yourself as you record in 4K, which is a total game changer. If your traveler is looking to level up in the photography game, this is an essential first step.

22. Mavic Air 2 Drone Combo Kit

El Salvador Drone Shot

I received the Mavic Air 2 Drone last year as a graduation present and I could not be happier with it. This is by far the best camera I own (better than the GoPro, Nikon and FujiFilm X-T4) because not only does it take high quality photos and videos, it’s able to capture these from an angle not many other people have, giving me something unique to share. I got the Mavic Air 2 Drone because it’s a great option, but it’s also incredibly lightweight, making it awesome to travel with. I wouldn’t trade this camera for the world.

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I hope this list of gifts for travelers this Christmas gave you an idea on what to buy on Cyber Monday 2021. I would tell you that I’d be out there this year shopping with you, but, unfortunately, I’ve already splurged enough for myself on all of these items.

What’s your favorite Christmas tradition? I want to know! And, as always, free to comment any questions, comments, or concerns below. Happy shopping!

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