One Full Day Of Fun Things To Do In Fargo

If you’re finishing your 50 states or simply have a layover in Fargo, I can say this: You and I were in the same boat. I’ll let you decide which one. However, after spending an entire week in this small city, I have come to the conclusion that Fargo, North Dakota is completely underrated. In fact, I barely had enough time to see the famous Woodchipper!

Fun fact: Not one of the locals that I’d talked to had known what The Woodchipper was, nor did they know it was in their town. To be fair, the movie Fargo wasn’t even filmed in Fargo, but that’s another story.

Fun Things to do in Fargo, North Dakota
Welcome To Fargo, North Dakota

A Full Day Of Fun Things To Do In Fargo, North Dakota:

Grab A Local Coffee

Begin your day downtown at Young Blood Coffee Co. This cafe has some of the best coffee in Fargo, hand roasted from ethically sourced Arabica beans. Depending on the mood, you might just have to grab one of their funky chocolate bars to go with your coffee.

Pick up One of Sandy’s Donuts

Just down the block is another Fargo staple: Sandy’s Donuts. The flavor opportunities are endless and, let’s be honest, every donut goes with every coffee. Knock yourself out.

Enjoy the park or Have Breakfast to go

If the vibe of the morning is relaxation mode, take your coffee and donut down to Broadway Square and grab a flashy red table to enjoy your breakfast at. There are tons of events going on at this park throughout the summer, so you might just end up with breakfast and a show….or a yoga class…or an acoustic concert. Who knows!

Young Blood Coffee in the Park Fargo North Dakota
Young Blood Coffee in the Park

If you’re the kind of person that would rather jump full steam ahead into your day, you can take your breakfast to go while strolling along the Red River.

Do the river Walk

The River Walk Fargo- Moorhead
The River Walk Fargo- Moorhead

There’s a nice bike trail to walk down that stems along the river dividing North Dakota and Minnesota. That’s right; you can literally walk into another state over breakfast. Take the trail as far as you’d like, turning around at any point to get out of Moorhead and back into Fargo.

Tour A Famous Viking Ship

On your way back to Fargo, make sure to check out the Hjemkomst Viking Ship just before the bridge. Entry to the museum is $10 and you can stay as long as you’d like. It’s mainly self-guided, but there is a tour included that goes out to the Hopperstad Stave Church replica, which is worth a visit.

Take A Quick Kayak ride

In the left side of the parking lot of Hjemkomst Center, there is a small stand where you can rent kayaks out by the hour to cruise down Red River in. If the weather is cooperating, this is a great way to check out the city from a different perspective. The times are a little unpredictable for renting kayaks here, so make sure to check the stand before making any plans. If anything, you can take a picture of their hours when visiting the Hjemkomst Center and come back to kayak another time.

Lunch at Bernbaum’s (The Local Thing)

Bernbaum’s was relayed to me as a favorite by almost every local I spoke to in Fargo. Their menu is quite Nordic; it actually reminded me of some of the restaurants I ran across while traveling in Iceland. However, one thing is for sure: It’s not to be missed. Grab a sandwich, fresh quiche, dessert and maybe even a local beer and get accustomed in North Dakota.

Get Your Instagram Game Up (Best Attraction In Fargo)

Selfie WRLD: Best Thing to Do In Fargo
Best Attraction In Fargo

Okay, I know you’re thinking: This is only something an influencer or a 10-year-old would do, but hear me out. Selfie WRLD was hands down one of the best attractions in Fargo. It costed $25 for an hour and you have full access to tons of cool themed rooms and props to play around with while using their tripods to get that perfect iPhone (or Android!) shot. Honestly, don’t be surprised if you leave wishing you had more time to play around.

Shop ‘Til You Drop Downtown

Prairie Petals: Downtown Shopping in Fargo
Prairie Petals: Downtown Shopping in Fargo

Now that you’ve eaten and exercised for the day, it’s about time you treat yourself. Fargo has plenty of shops downtown that you can simply walk from one door to the next and find fashion, plants, and all-things-Midwest. My favorite shops for finding local goods were Unglued and Handpicked Goods. However, Prairie Petals was a fun place for plant moms. If you’re around on a Saturday, there is also a weekly pop-up Farmer’s Market downtown.

Dinner and drinks (Favorite Thing to Do in Fargo)

46 North Mac N’ Cheese

If you ask a local where the best dinner is in Fargo, chances are they will tell you about the fine dining at Mezzaluna. Don’t get me wrong, Mezzaluna was great. They had a wonderful wine selection and tons of fancy entrees (for a price, of course).

However, my favorite dinner spot was actually at the other end of the same block: 46 North Pints & Provisions. From the Gouda Stuffed Pickles to the Jalapeño Jack Burger and Oozing Mac n’ Cheese, my mouth is literally watering just writing about the meal…and, yes, I would consider flying all the way back to Fargo just to dine at 46 North Pints & Provisions.

Go Out on the town

I believe that North Dakota’s best kept secret is the nightlife in Fargo. Being a college town, the weekends [and week days, who am I kidding] are filled with excitement. Perhaps the most famous place to relax is Drekker’s, as they’re always coming up with crazy beer names and flavors. However, depending on the area you’re in and if you have a car or not during your stay, you may just opt to stay in the heart of downtown. For a complete guide to the best bars and nightlife in Fargo, check out this post.

I hope you can pack your day with these fun things to do in Fargo, North Dakota and end up loving the city as much as I did! Or maybe, at the very least, your mouth will begin to water whenever you think of this foodie paradise.

North Dakota was my 48th state out of 50 in America. To read more about my adventures across the United States, click here.

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