The Best Places for Dessert in NYC

It’s getting to be the time of the year where we need to have that little something in order to get through those winter blues. Luckily, New York has no shortage when it comes to dessert. Below are 9 of the best places to get dessert in New York City.

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1. MacarOn Cafe


MacarOn Cafe is a Authentic French Macaron Manufacturer and their cafe is said to look like it is straight out of a fairytale. It is located on 44 E 59th Street in New York, but does nationwide shipping. They also have kosher and gluten free macarons–be sure to check out this sweet tooth’s dream.

2. Ladurée


Ladurée is another amazing macaron place, but they also have other desserts such as cupcakes and croissants and cute drink specialties that change with the seasons. My go-to is always the vegan chocolate croissant. Their light pink aesthetic is to die for and it is definitely as much about the experience as the tasty desserts when you visit this little gem.

3. Francois Payard Bakery


There are five of these bakeries in New York that serve our favorite meal of the day (brunch), as well as lunch/dinner and pastries to go. It is most well known for their pastries and incorporates unique flavors such as Raspberry Lychee and Cassis Violet.

Note: Francois Payard Bakery is now permanently closed due to COVID-19.

4. Sugar and Plumm


Sugar and Plumm describe themselves as an artisan macaron-maker and chocolatier. However, what sets them apart the most is how extra their beverages are. Starring above on the left is the Mango Tango Milkshake featuring Coney Island brewery’s orange cream ale, mango sorbet, and vanilla ice cream, garnished with whipped cream, mango puree and peach gummy hearts. On the right is the Fireworks Float, made up of hard Ginger Ale, raspberry sorbet, and vanilla ice cream, garnished with whipped cream and red, white and blue gummies.

Note: Sugar and Plumm is now permanently closed due to COVID-19.

5. Serendipity 3


Serendipity 3 is for people who are serious about their desserts–and I mean serious. The desserts here are basically the size of your head and there are TONS of unique flavors, so there is bound to be something extravagant for everyone. This winter they have frozen hot chocolate on the menu!

6. Bouchon Bakery & Cafe


Bouchon Bakery & Cafe was founded by Chef Thomas Keller, who took inspiration from the classic boulangeries in France. Here they keep up on the staple bakery items, as well as the seasonal bakery ones, as you can see from their featured pies that are currently ready for Thanksgiving pre-ordering on their website.

Note: Bouchon may be temporarily closed due to COVID-19.

7. Max Brenner


Max Brenner doesn’t have dessert; he has works of art–I mean, just look at those waffles. From chocolate pizza to chocolate margaritas, once you go to Max Brenner, you simply will not be satisfied with a chocolate chip cookie for dessert.

8. Tache Artisan Chocolate


Tache Artisan Chocolate is known for exactly what you’d expect: Chocolate. They differentiate themselves by incorporating spunky flavors such as Avocado, Saffron & Rose Caramel, and Beet and Cassia Kulfi in their truffles, and these are just to name a few! Based in New York City, all of their chocolate is handmade from the world’s finest ingredients.

9. Maison Kayser


Maison Kayser took tartes to a ‘whole new height’ with the help of French Baker, Eric Kayser, who founded the business. Their menu features desserts and pastries that are created with absolute elegance, offering an authentic Parisan atmosphere and taste. This place truly finds a new way to ‘Wow’ us every time we stop by.

If your mouth isn’t watering right now, tell me your secret. As you can see, New York has an amazing and diverse bakery scene for all of those foodies out there. With that, I hope you have an amazing kick off to your date night over dessert during this year’s cuffing season.

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