Australian Slang You Should Know

Just like Americans funny sayings, Aussies have a world of their own. See the list below to learn all the fun, interesting, and most necessary Australian slang you should know before studying abroad or simply traveling to the area.

1. Barbie: Barbeque

roasting meat and sausages on barbecue grid
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2. Bottle-O: Liquor Shop

liquor bottle lot
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3. Chockers: Very full

hand holding a brown mug with foamy liquid
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4. Esky: Cooler

hands holding neon green cooler
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5. Mozzie: Mosquito

mosquito biting on skin
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6. Ripper: Really great

left human hand
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7. Roo: Kangaroo

shallow focus photo of kangaroo
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8. Servo: Gas station

gasoline station
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8. Slab: 24 pack of beer

group of friends clinking beer bottles
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9. Stubbie Holder: Koozie

10. Ta: Thank you

thank you lettering on white surface
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11. Togs: Swim suit

photo of woman in white bikini lying by poolside with her eyes closed
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12. Ute: Pickup Truck

photo of people riding on pickup truck
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13. Arvo: Afternoon

city buildings aerial photography
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14. Avo: Avocado

person holding sliced avocado
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15. Bathers: Swimsuit

a latin woman wearing a swim suit on a beach during sunset
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16. Billy: Teapot

white ceramic teapot near flower arrangement on white surface
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17. Bludger: Someone Who Is Lazy

white and tan english bulldog lying on black rug
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18. Bloody: Very

red glittered wallpaper
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19. Brolly: Umbrella

deckchairs and umbrellas on sandy beach
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20. Cactus: Dead, Broken

blue red and yellow chalk
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21. Choc a Bloc: Full

bowl filled with raw almond nuts on white background
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22. Chook: Chicken

person feeding white chicken outdoor
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23. Cobber: Very Good Friend

four person standing on cliff in front of sun
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24. Frothy: Beer

selective focus photography of people having a toast
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25. Dag: Nerd

boy in white t shirt sitting on chair in front of computer
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26. Daks: Trousers

two hanged blue stonewash and blue jeans
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27. Dardy: Cool

focused ethnic female dj playing music at nightclub
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28. Drongo: Fool

photo of clown holding tambourine
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29. Deadset: True

close up of human hand
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30. Facey: Facebook

blue and white logo guessing game
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31. Lollies: Sweets

white yellow and red ceramic figurines
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32. Fair Dinkum: Honestly

brown wooden gavel on brown wooden table

33. Legless: Someone Who Is Very Drunk

pink panther plush toy on brown bench miniature
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34. Maccas: McDonalds

mc donalds restaurant
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35. Flat out: Really Busy

women busy at work
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36. Furphy: Outrageous Rumors

hispanic girl whispering secret on ear of friend
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37. Goon: Cheap, boxed wine

38. Lappy: Laptop

person using laptop
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39. Rapt: Very Happy

woman surrounded by sunflowers
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40. Sheila: A Woman

woman lying on orange sofa
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41. Snag: Sausage

cooked sausage
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42. Thongs: Flip Flops

colorful flip flops slipper in the beach san
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43. Tucker: Food

person mixing cereal milk and strawberry jam on white ceramic bowl
Photo by Daria Shevtsova on

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If you’ve enjoyed reading this post, please consider donating. I love making free content like this that is accessible to everyone and truly appreciate your support in helping me do so!

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