Top 5 NYC Fitness Bloggers You Need To Follow

Finding motivation to get yourself to the gym can be difficult. That’s why following fitness bloggers from your area is such a great way to get some of that much-needed inspiration to put on your lululemon leggings, and not just for athleisure purposes. Find what feels good for you with the fitness bloggers below.

1. @julesacree


Jules Hunt’s blog “Om & The City” is such a peaceful site. It has Wellness, Lifestyle, Personal Growth, Beauty and Travel sections and you can subscribe to be in the ‘Weekly Wellness Email Tribe’. Jules describes herself as a wellness entrepreneur, yoga and mindfulness teacher, plant lady and dog mama who believes in a healthy kind of hustle. She created this aesthetic blog to remind you of your own power and worth.

2. @allymisslove


Ally’s blog, “Ally Love”, stands out from others because she has included a Sports section! Paving the feminism route, Ally writes about her Love Squad Action Series, featuring various athletes and recaps on events, such as the Women’s NBA Finals. She is the founder and CEO of @lovesquad, which is about empowering individuals through panels, workshops and events or, as she puts it, conversation and sweat. Ally is also a Peloton instructor now.

3. @hannahbronfman


Hannah Bronfman is a true inspiration. She is the DJ and founder of HBFIT-Health, Beauty, Fitness Blog. On top of this blog, she has recently published her own book, Do What Feels Good, which is available to order on Hannah focuses on toning her body, while doing what feels good and having fun with it. She captioned one of her recent posts, “I swear all the pulsing helps with twerking,” and she is not wrong. We love an authentic fittie, especially one who happens to be a Global Adidas Ambassador!

4. @nycpretty


Christine has a way of making running look fun; which is not an easy task to do! Though she doesn’t have a separate website to blog on, she keeps her Instagram updated regularly with new content including fitness clothing deals, new workouts and inspiring workout photos like the one above. Christine also has a special place in her heart for giveaways that you do simply not want to miss out on.

5. @sweatwithbec


Bec Donlan is an Aussie who’s taken on the big city. Her blog features yummy healthy recipes, workouts, classes, “mates” aka brands she is collaborating with among other sections and tutorials. In addition to this, she is co-founder of “BALLS” and “EDIBLES” and is constantly posting exciting new products along with fun memes because who doesn’t love memes! Fun Fact: She is actually followed by Peter Kraus, who was an adored contestant on the bachelor and owns his own gym and fitness brands.

With all of the inspiring photos and content these women provide us with each day, it really will seem possible to keep that New Year’s Resolution of getting in shape within sight. So, make sure to toss these amazing women a follow to stay updated on what’s new in the New York Fitness scene!

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