10 Travelers You Need To Follow On Instagram Today

Whether we know it or not, we are all influenced by other people, especially when it comes to social media. That’s why I like to follow people who are happy, wanderlust and living their best lives! So, I did some digging and found, in no particular order, 10 travel bloggers you need to follow on Instagram!

1. @adventuresinabus


This account features a power couple, Tom and Cat, who have taken to exploring the world in their bus! They’re constantly posting fun photos on their Instagram and also have a YouTube account where you can see more of their experiences behind the scenes. Highly recommend following these two if you’re looking to seek an authentic adventure.

2. @cyaround_


This is another power couple taking on the world! However, these two have a plus one, their dog: Ace. Follow their Instagram to see tons of incredible sights and to watch their good boy enjoying the views with them.

3. @melissafindley


When I first came across Melissa’s account, I was literally in awe. Her photos are all so exotic and such high quality! I’m slightly jealous. She also has a second account where you can purchase prints of her photography. Follow her for anything from wildlife to starry nights to hidden waterfalls.

4. @amodernwayfarer


Stefanie’s blog is a gentle balance between beautiful scenery and beautiful people. She runs an Awarded Travel Blog (2013) and seems to have a way in front of and behind the lens. Follow her for a wanderlust, yet relatable vibe.

5. @breathingtravel


Carolin’s username says it all. She’s located in the Gold Coast of Australia and her feed showcases the kind of life that I dream of living. From aesthetic cafes to peaceful beaches and morning hikes filled with sights, she’s got it all and her blog is nothing short of that.

6. @jasoncharleshill


Jason’s feed is insane. He regularly posts photos that seem like once-in-a-lifetime shots and they’re all incredibly high quality. If you go to his blog, he has an endless amount of these photos sorted by bucket-list locations like New Zealand, Tasmania and Iceland.

7. @cleocohen


Cleo’s feed reminds me of an endless summer. It’s filled with island vibes, underwater photos, secret swimming spots and videos that leave you without words. I can’t wait to see what adventure comes next on her list!

8. @elisecook


Elise has a boho-sheek kind of feel. She posts a lot of sunset pictures at the beach, which is something I can never get enough of. Her husband, Domenic (@domenicpalumbo) also posts about their adventures and it’s so much fun following their journeys from each other’s perspectives.

9. @luxurybackpacking


Emma is currently living in Bali and her feed is full of bright colors and smiles all around. Her photos give off sunshine and happy vibes that makes it look like an endless vacation, which is how life should look. Her blog posts are also extremely down to earth, so I love keeping updated.

10. @summerofseventyfive


This account is a bit different to the rest, as it’s a family of four exploring what Australia has to offer in an old VW Kombi. I am honestly so curious as to how they keep it all together and make it look so fun to be in such tight quarters with your family for that long. It seems like such a cool way to grow up. Follow them to see how that journey unfolds!

I hope you’ve found a new blogger or two to obsess over for the time being because I know I have. There’s something about travel that is so exciting, and no matter who it is that’s out there exploring, it’s always an intriguing topic to keep tabs on. So, shoutout to all of these bloggers for keeping us in the loop on their next greatest adventures!

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