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4 Beaches in Grenada You Must See

Note: This guest post was written by Ros of Zen Health.

Have you ever heard of Grenada? It’s a teeny, tiny island in the Caribbean Sea, a little south west of Barbados. Like Barbados, the island is beautiful. Everywhere you turn, you’ll find Instagram worthy scenery. The place is stunning! 

Don’t get me started on the beaches. The beaches in Grenada are next level. You’ll find the most beautiful turquoise and blue water around the island and white sandy beaches. I am certainly not exaggerating when I say the island is stun…ning!

Here are a couple must-visit beaches in Grenada to add to your bucket list. 

Grand Anse Beach

Grand Anse Beach

Grand Anse beach is, by far, the most popular beach on the island. It’s also the longest and has been featured on so many “best beaches in the world” lists. It’s #1 on Conde Nast Traveller’s list.

I can see why. 

The beach is on the western side of the island, so it’s sheltered from the harsh Atlantic Ocean currents. The water is always calm and perfect for everyone, including kids and non-swimmers. 

Grand Anse Beach

If you are a good swimmer, take your snorkel gear with you to the island. Grand Anse beach has lots of sea grasses fifty to one hundred feet away from the shoreline. Among the grasses, you will find small fishes, seahorses, starfishes, eels and even… a turtle! Yep! There’s a resident turtle that you can swim with… if you can find him! 

If swimming is not your thing, then you can always sunbathe on the lounges along the beach. There are lots of beachfront hotels, too, that you can stop by for a drink or a quick bite. And, if you are lucky, you’ll see the turtle when it pops up for air. 

Also, check out the Spice Market on the northern end of the beach. You will find fresh nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, turmeric and ginger there. The vendors are so friendly and have lots of clothing and crafts for sale. There are also a couple food and beverage stalls with lots of music. It’s a real party there. 

Morne Rouge Beach

Morne Rouge Beach

Morne Rouge Beach is not as popular as Grand Anse Beach but, in my eyes, it is more beautiful. The beach is a hundred feet or so from Grand Anse Beach and is accessible via Quarantine Point Road. I recommend biking or driving to get there since the road is fairly steep.

Locals say this beach is better for beginner swimmers and snorkelers! You’ll find large boulders and corals there (not grasses), so you will see more diverse sea life when snorkeling. Go, explore and make amazing memories at this gorgeous beach!

There are a couple bars and food spots along the beach, too. However, it is quieter than Grand Anse Beach and more geared toward a relaxing, family vibe.

Magazine Beach

Magazine Beach

Magazine Beach is a couple minutes away from Grand Anse beach. It’s a lot more secluded but there is a very popular restaurant located on the beach, so you’ll never go hungry.

The beach itself deserves its name – it’s made for a magazine. You can sit and stare all day at the crystal-clear water, or take some incredible photos for your IG. This is certainly one of my favorite beaches in Grenada and my definition of what paradise looks like.

Just a heads-up though, there are no loungers or public washroom facilities at the beach. So, it’s best to take towels with you to lounge on and some spare cash to patronize the restaurant (so you can use the washroom… it’s only good manners!). Oh and take your snorkel gear too, there is a small reef to explore.

Dragon Bay

Dragon Bay

Last on this list is Dragon Bay. If you love swimming, snorkeling or scuba diving, this is the place for you! The bay is located near to the Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park. Yes, there’s an underwater park in Grenada! It’s filled with underwater concrete sculptures that were designed to encourage coral growth. And when corals thrive, fish and other marine life automatically show up!

The park is an amazing wildlife conservation initiative and the statues are creative and artistic. There are two circles of statues holding hands, a man using a typewriter, a girl praying, and much more. It’s truly memorable. 

The park is accessible by small boat or dingy. There are a couple tour guides on the beach who can take you across for a small fee. I think it was $20 for an hour and a half trip for two. Not bad for such an amazing adventure.

For the non-swimmers, there are glass bottom boat tours so you won’t miss a thing. 

There it is! Four stunning beaches in Grenada you must visit. You can find more Grenadian beaches over on my blog: ZenHealth

Which beach are you adding to your bucket list? Have you ever been to the island? Leave a comment and let us know about your own adventures.

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