How To Spend A Weekend in Salt Lake City

The Weather

Salt Lake City met me with a crystal blue sky, not a cloud to be seen, and snow-peaked mountains everywhere I turned. The weather was a balmy 80 degrees, and after an already pleasant experience in the newly refurbished Salt Lake City airport I was ready to start my trip.

Alpine Canton, Utah

Cafes In Salt Lake City

Two things I always look for when traveling are great restaurants and even better coffee shops. Luckily, the Salt Lake City area has plenty of options for both of these excursions. Although I usually try to avoid chains, Utah does have a wonderful alternative to Starbucks called Beans and Brews. Their coffee and chai is delicious, and on top of that they offer avocado toast that is absolutely amazing. I took a separate trip to Utah in December of 2020 and had Beans and Brew’s Peppermint Mocha…three times. This vacation I decided to test out their iced Caramel Cielo, and was once again impressed.

Another coffee house visited was Sunset Coffee. They have a variety of fun-titled drinks such as the Voldemort, the Honey Badger, and the Stevie Wonder. I opted for the Bub Dylan, which was a peanut butter flavored coffee. I chose to get it hot, but the iced or frozen option would probably have accented the flavors even more. They have a porch that looks out onto the valley that would have been beautiful if seen – as it’s name suggests – at sunset.

Sunset Coffee

The Chocolate is a quaint little bakery located in what once was a house. They offer great coffee and exceptional baked goods. I decided on a sugar cookie and a snickerdoodle, while the rest of the group chose to split a Cazookie, a cookie baked in a pan and topped with ice cream. The window showcases a gorgeous view of the mountains, perfect for a photo-op with friends.

Restaurants in Salt Lake City

As for food, the winner of the entire trip was Sicilia Mia, a quaint little Italian Place that offers amazing pasta. Although I decided to try the Spaghetti Vongole, which was adorned with clams still in their shells and tossed in white wine, the rest of the table went for the Signature Carbonara, a dish that was stirred in a warmed cheese casement at our table. I paired my meal with a Blueberry Mojito that tasted similar to a Jolly Rancher, something that I could not recommend enough.

The final food stop was at Ivie Juice Bar. I ordered the Brazil Acai Bowl, which was packed full of pineapple, mango, strawberries, and bananas, topped with honey and granola (of course).

Brazil Acai Bowl – Ivie Juice Bar

Things To Do In Salt Lake City

Among food, their is an assortment of activities that can be found in the Salt Lake City area. The highlight of the entire trip was going to see Hale Theatre’s production of Les Miserables. This multi-million dollar theatre brought this musical to life in a way I had never seen before. The talent was exceptional, and the engineering that went into the actual stage production was out of this world, complete with a revolving stage, another stage that comes down from the ceiling, and even a snowfall. I could not recommend checking out a show at Hale Theatre more. Their upcoming season appears incredibly promising.

Another fun and magical activity was going to visit a poppy field in Alpine Canyon. We arrived only just as the poppies were showing up, but it still made for fantastic photo opportunities.

The beauty of Utah can be enjoyed from so many different locations, each offering it’s own unique experience. I highly recommend visiting in the spring, especially if you enjoy clear skies, wild flowers, and emerald green grass!

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