13 Father’s Day Gift Ideas For The World Traveler

The holiday is nearing and I just know you’re scrambling to figure out what to get your dad for Father’s Day this year. Come on now, you can do better than just handing over another card from Hallmark. It doesn’t matter if he’s the business tripper, the outdoors enthusiast or the think-out-of-the-boxer. Check out the 13 best Father’s Day gift ideas for the traveler below.

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas For The Business Trip dad:

Does your dad tend to travel more for work than leisure? Here are a few things he will definitely be grateful to have on his next business trip.

1. Shower Steamers

Shower Steamers Gift Idea
Photo Credit: Body Restore

This might just be the most controversial gift on this list. However, it also might get the men in your life to stop borrowing all of your favorite products. Place these shower steamers on the drain and let the relaxation begin. The eucalyptus essential oils will turn any hotel room into a spa day.

2. A Personalized Toiletry Bag

Personalized toiletry bag
Photo Credit: The Wedding Party Store

Everyone needs a toiletry kit while traveling, but no one said they had to be boring! These personalized toiletry bags are a great way to gift the essentials, but give them a unique touch.

3. Men’s Travel Kit

Men's Travel Kit
Photo Credit: Handy Solutions

Once again, the essentials are a must! This kit alone holds everything that your dad tends to forget and then complains about forgetting on every trip. However, it is also the perfect pairing to go with the personalized toiletry bag. Get him everything he needs, minus the stress.

4. A Travel Power Strip

Travel Power Strip: Father's Day Gift Ideas
Photo Credit: NTonPower

Have you ever noticed that the first thing your dad does once arriving at the hotel is look around for the outlets to charge his phone, laptop, iPad, or whatever? This all-in-one strip is the only plug he will ever need.

5. Secure Travel Wallet

Secure Travel Wallet
Photo Credit: Travando

This is a classic. You can never go wrong with a new wallet. However, what makes this one so special is the security that comes with it. The wallet not only blocks against he 13.56MHz band, but also protects against data theft by RFID scanners. On top of all the tech, he can also be happy with the refined design from Germany and the slim, lightweight feel.

6. A Tie Case

Tie Case for Father's Day Gift
Photo Credit: Modoker

Okay, we get it! Your dad is a businessman. Here’s a packing must he never thought of before: The Tie Case. He can keep everything tie-related he ever would need in this handy dandy zipper case. It’s easily packable and lightweight.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas For The Outdoors Enthusiast Dad:

Ahhh, the tree huggers. We’ve gotta love them. From walks in the park to hikes in the mountains, here are a few Father’s Day gift ideas for the outdoor enthusiast.

7. A Hiking Journal

Hiking Journal Logbook: Outdoor Enthusiast Gift Idea
Photo Credit: Peter Pauper Press

Keep track of all those miles the old-fashioned way, with a hiking logbook. Not only can he save the names of the trails, but also add other fun notes, like difficulty level, observations, pros/cons, traffic, and even give the hike a 5 star rating! This will be his new favorite game to stay active with.

8. Contigo Travel Mug

Contigo Travel Mug For Coffee
Photo Credit: Contigo

Okay, we all know this is supposed to hold coffee, but we also know there are other fun beverages that store very well inside these walls. Whichever liquid your dad decides to bring with on his adventures, just know it will be well-kept.

9. Collapsible Water Bottle

Collapsible Water Bottle
Photo Credit: Nomader

This is one of my favorite items on this list because I use my collapsible water bottle for every trip. It’s lightweight and easy to roll up empty to bring through security at the airport. It comes in a few different colors, but, Nomad-er which one you choose (this post deserved a dad joke), your father be sure to get tons of use out of it.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas For The Think-Outside-The-box dad:

10. An Airplane Phone Mount

Airplane Phone Mount
Photo Credit: Parilogics

Does your dad know how to use an iPhone? Congrats! He already passed the think-outside-of-the-box questionnaire. Seriously, though, with this one phone mount, you can avoid entire conversations about how uncomfortable the airplane seats are. You can also avoid any unwanted conversations if he happens to be in the passenger seat. Use wisely!

11. Memory Foam Eye Mask

Memory Foam Eye Mask
Photo Credit: Leeken

Think eye masks, but manly. This memory foam eye mask not only is comfy AF because of the memory foam, but it’s also equipped cooling sports fabric and is 100% light blocking. Bonus points if you grab one in his favorite color.

12. The Money Belt

Money belt Father's Day Gift Idea
Photo Credit: Suosdey

It’s less a matter of would-he-use-this and more a matter of would-you-pay-to-see-him-use-this. This invention combines the two most popular men’s accessories into one. It’s a belt. It’s a wallet. It is…The Money Belt.

13. Travel Cup Holder

Travel Cup Holder
Photo Credit: Reimot

Did someone say match made in heaven? This travel cup holder can help you avoid any spills before 8AM, as well as keep your hands free for more important things, like handing the flight attendant your boarding pass. This may just be the greatest invention since the grill.

I hope this quick guide gave you some last-minute Father’s Day gift ideas for your world-traveling dad. Have a wonderful holiday!

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