The Most Fantastic Things To Do In Georgetown-Exumas

The Bahamas is home to over 365 islands, one for every day of the year. The city of Georgetown (Exumas) is one of the best. If you’re smart, you’ve chosen to fly into my favorite island: Great Exuma. This island is actually larger than the most touristic island (Nassau), but instead of a population of 266,110 people, you’ll find a mere 7,000. Do you know what that means? You’ll have plenty of beaches for yourself. Below are 10 awesome things to do in Georgetown (Exumas) and the surrounding neighborhoods in Great Exuma.

1. Attend The Sunday Pig Roast At Chat N’ Chill

Sunday Pig Roast
Sunday Pig Roast

Chat N’ Chill is a laid back beach bar for boaters. On Sunday, tourists and locals alike all head to Stocking Island for the pig roast, tropical drinks, and fun. You’ll find pleny of conch shells–famous in The Bahamas–and be able to feed the stingrays or play beach games.

2. Take The Water Taxi To Stocking Island From Georgetown (Exumas)

Stocking Island
Stocking Island

The water taxi is easy to find. Once in Georgetown (Exuma), take the loop around the lake and you’ll find many locals shouting “Water Taxi!” at your car–it’s hard to miss. This will take you roundtrip to other islands for $15. You’ll need to take this to get to Stocking Island for Chat N’ Chill.

3. Do The Day Tour To Swim With Pigs And Feed Sharks

Bahamas Pigs
Bahamas Pigs

On the day tour, you’ll get to feed iguanas, swim with the famous pigs, wade in water with the nursing sharks and snorkel in the beautiful cave of Thunderball Grotto–home to thousands of fish. This is an 8-hour not-to-be-missed day trip around the cays.

4. Hang With The Locals At T’N’T’ Delights Near Georgetown (Exumas)

If you want to meet more of the island’s locals rather than its tourists, this is the place to be. There’s plenty of food, drinks, games and people to keep you occupied all night long.

5. Relax at The Tropic of Cancer Beach

Tropic of Cancer Beach: Best things to do in Great In Exuma near Georgetown, Exuma's
Tropic of Cancer Beach

The Tropic of Cancer Beach is a beautiful beach near Santanna’s and Mom’s Bakery that is famous for sitting directly on the Tropic of Cancer latitude line. There’s a nice beach bar here with food and snacks, but I recommend heading down the road to Mom’s Bakery afterward to try her famous rum cake made fresh daily.

6. Swim With Sea Turtles In Hoopers Bay (The Coolest Thing to Do Near Georgetown, Great Exuma!)

Hoopers Bay near Georgetown, Exuma's
Hoopers Bay

Hoopers Bay is known for their sea turtles, which will come right up to you when you swim. To get here, it’s a little tricky. First, route your GPS to Hoopers Bay, but do not follow the directions all of the way there. On the way, you’ll have to look for the beach access sign right off of Queen’s Hwy (the only highway on the island) and park right across from it. Follow the small path to the water. Once you arrive, walk down toward the three docks on the right for your best chance of seeing the turtles.

7. Try The Guava Duff Dessert At Big D’s

This is a great dinner spot right on the beach. You’ll find plenty of fresh seafood, salads, sides, etc. The people are very friendly and the chef here can even be booked to come to your home for private events. My favorite thing to try was a special dessert called Guava Duff. The best way for me to describe it is like a warm cinnamon roll, but with fresh guava rolled up inside. My mouth is watering just remembering it.

8. Go Shopping In Georgetown (Exumas)

This is the main city in Great Exuma and where you’ll most likely fly into. Although it’s not huge, this is the place where you can fill up on gas, grab groceries, find an ATM or check out a few local shops.

9. Get Some Of Mom’s Famous Rum Cake

Mom’s Bakery is famous for all of the desserts made by Mom herself. She’s best known for her rum cake, but there are plenty of other desserts to choose from. This is a great place to stop after a day at the Tropic of Cancer Beach

10. Watch For Sharks At Santanna’s Bar N’ Grill

Shark At Santanna's
Shark At Santanna’s

After visiting Mom’s Bakery, this is the perfect place to grab a drink or a bite to eat. Oh, and keep your eyes peeled–last time I was at Santanna’s, there were two sharks circling near the shore.

I hope this guide gave you a great starting point on planning a fantastic trip in Georgetown (Exuma’s) on the island of Great Exuma. However, if you’re someone who would rather speed up the planning process, this $5 completely-planned 5 day itinerary for The Bahamas may just be your best investment yet.

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