The Best Curacao Sunset Cruise

It was my first weekend in Curacao and what better way to spend it than out at sea as the sun began to set. I had decided to book the adventure with BlueFinn Charters, a company known for some of the most diverse boat tours on the island and the best Curacao sunset cruise.

Best Curacao Sunset Cruise
75 Foot Catamaran at MOOD Beach

Boarding BlueFinn Charters

We met up at Mood Beach Pier, where our 75 foot sailing catamaran awaited us. As someone who knows the importance of an unassigned-assigned seat on tours, I made sure to get there early. Almost immediately, we were welcomed onboard by the friendly crew, who we’d be getting to know well by the end of the night.

I cozied up on a cushioned bench equipped with a sleek white table, a luxury most of the catamaran tours in the Caribbean skimp out on. The tourists sitting around us all chatted excitedly, getting to know their seat neighbors. After all, we were about to spend two and a half hours together on a boat.

Open Bar Curacao Sunset Cruise

“Can I start you off with a drink?” one of the crew members asked as we awaited our departure.

This may not seem like such a big ask from some, but, if you’ve ever been on a sunset tour, you know just how rare it is to be served an open bar right from your seat- not only that, but BEFORE the catamaran even departed the pier. I was in shock. There was beer, wine and even fun cocktails made from Blue Curacao Liqueur with fun names, like the Cactus Cocktail. However, if you know me, you know I like to keep it simple.

“I’ll have the sparkling wine, please.”

Then came the next fun surprise of the night. Instead of being served in a paper cup, BlueFinn Charters took not only a more sustainable approach, but a more luxurious one. The bubbles fizzed up to the top of my champagne flute as the crew member passed it over.

“Cheers,” we said to our new friends, as we set sail on the Caribbean.

Premium Open Bar

Sailing In Curacao

The waves out in Curacao were nothing like the ones in Aruba; they got much bigger here. We soon learned why it was better to be on a catamaran rather than the smaller speedboats, where you’d feel every motion of the ocean, if you know what I mean.

We sailed on past Caracas Bay first, taking in the glamorous houses of Jan Thiel, an affluent neighborhood, and spotting the historical Fort Beekenberg that I’d climbed the day before. It was golden hour and the coastline was shimmering like honey back at us.


As we reached Fuik Bay, the sun began to show off. The once Curacao Blue sky began to melt into the colors of the floating market in Punda. As golden pineapple and sweet tangerines began to swirl together in the sky, the crew brought these images to life. A tray of fresh-cut tropical fruit made its round on the boat. The sweet juices dripped down my palm as the sun came with it’s final goodbye, dipping below the horizon like a ruby tomato, a savory ode to the caprese skewers heading our way next.

Caprese Skewers on best Curacao sunset cruise
Caprese Skewers- Light Bites On Board

It’s safe to say I was in heaven. The liquid confidence paired with the Caribbean beats began to work their magic, as, one-by-one, passengers began leaving their cozy seats to join the dance party by the nets up front. Little did they know, there was still one final kicker: Our eyes lit up as the barbecue on board began to reveal our final bites: Skewers. This is one Caribbean cuisine you simply can’t mess with- they know what they’re doing.

Barbecue on Board for Skewers
Barbecue on Board

Heading Back To The Pier

The sun was now gone, but the sights were not. The coastline twinkled with lights, as if it was the Hollywood Hills looking back at me. I suppose that wouldn’t be too far off of a guess when passing Jan Thiel.

I could’ve stayed on the catamaran all night, but, good things always have come to an end, don’t they? We exchanged numbers with our new island friends and wished the crew members a fantastic night, heading back up the pier. I can’t wait to see what else Curacao has in store for me.

Best Curacao Sunset Tour With BlueFinn Charters
BlueFinn Charters

Curacao Sunset Cruise Details

At a price of $75 per person, the sunset sail with BlueFinn Charters included:

  • 2.5 hour Curacao sunset cruise on 75 foot catamaran
  • Open bar with premium drinks
  • Small bites
  • Music
  • New friends
  • Priceless memories

Is Curacao on your bucket list?

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