How To De-Stress for Finals

Finals are one of the most dreaded parts of going to college-having 5 exams in the same week  and trying to coordinate with your lazy partner to finish that group project all while pleading your boss to leave you off the schedule so you can have time to study. It’s a LOT, I know. However, the best way to make it through Hell Week is to find ways to let that stress leave your body, so you have room to think about what you’ve been learning and studying these past few weeks [or months- R.I.P. to cumulative exams].



I am a huge fan of aromatherapy and Bath & Body Works just happens to be my biggest weakness. This week, I’ve been using their shower steamers daily. They are these little tablets you set in your shower that release these amazing scents into the air. I also have been lighting a Cypress-scented candle each day so the good scents follow me back to my bedroom. Different smells work for different people and I just love the sense of calm and serenity I get from them.



Though some may feel like exercise puts stress on your body, especially when you’re in the climax of it, it actually releases stress overall. You know that feeling you get after an awesome workout? There is no better way to take your mind off of finals than to get an amazing workout in. My personal favorite is hot yoga, and I go to a local studio called Inner Fire Yoga. They have different classes depending on what you want to get out of them, such as Sculpt, Power, and Yin.



I am a sucker for incentives and I am constantly cutting deals with myself, like when I go a little overboard in retail therapy, I justify it by remembering that one week three months ago when I worked over 40 hours…Okay, maybe that wasn’t the best example, but incentives or goals are a great way to divide an enormous workload into a less of an eye sore.

For instance, while studying for my statistics exam, I split up the practice exams by discussions and told myself that once I got through 12 of those, I could take a break and watch an episode of my new favorite binge-series, Schitt’s Creek. You could also reward yourself with a croissant or coffee break (basically whatever you know you want, but shouldn’t have).


Take a Shower

I know this one sounds odd: What is a shower going to do to help me with finals, right?? I like to think of a shower as a way to reset. Think about it: Most people take showers right when they wake up or right before they go to bed. So, if you are getting easily distracted and tired, take a shower. It will wake you up, give you a little study break and some time to think and you’ll feel so much better and refreshed afterward (especially if you use an aromatic shower steamer!).

Get Organized

I like to split up my studying into small chunks, like maybe vocabulary, reading and practice questions in order to make it seem more doable. By taking a step back and writing down all of the things you need to complete, it will help you prioritize what you really need to be focusing on first, and then different tiers of how prepared you truly could get. My favorite part about getting organized, is the feeling that comes along with crossing the agenda of as I move along; there’s just something so satisfying about it.


Along with organizing your studying agenda, I’ve found that it also helps to organize your room. Many people seem to find the shape of someone’s room synonymous with their lives, and, now that I think about it, I can see it. By taking some time to clean your room, you can get a break from studying and feel much more productive, organized, and basically like you have your life together now. 

Finals week is literally the most stressful time of the year, so don’t be too frustrated, we’re all in this together! Just do you best to relieve some of that stress in whatever way works best for you, and the rest will finish itself. Good luck!

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