5 New York Lifestyle Bloggers You Need to Follow

Instagram is an enormous app, which sometimes makes it difficult to weed through all of the amateur content. If you’re looking for some fashion inspiration or hearing from some intelligent women in the New York area, below are five New York lifestyle bloggers you need to start following on Instagram.

1. Andrea Pion (@asliceopi


Andrea is a lifestyle blogger who moved to New York City in 2013, first creating this blog as a way to express herself while she was new to the city and not knowing many people. She describes it as a collection of all of the things that make her, her. She showcases this through travel, fashion and New York City in general. 

Fun Facts: She lives in Brooklyn with her fiance, Mark, and mini goldendoodle, Ralph.

2. Alexandra Webb (@alexandra_webb)


Alexandra’s goal in making this blog was to inspire others to live more confident and fashionable lifestyles. She enjoys sharing her personal style, travel adventure and tips through a girly aesthetic.  Some of the coolest additions to her blog are the mood boards she creates, which are posted on her blog, along with her Instagram stories.

Fun fact: She visits the Keys in Florida every year.

3. Lauren Pizz (@lauren.pizz)


Lauren is a fellow coffee-lover of New York City who is always hitting the gram with the latest trends. Through her sassy posts and fun-loving IG stories, she is one of the more entertaining New York fashion bloggers. Though she does not have a separate website to showcase her blog, she keeps her Instagram updated regularly with stunning content.

Fun Fact: She is followed on Instagram by @asliceopi!

4. Jessica Whitaker (jessicawhitaker)

4. Jessica Whitaker (@jessicawhitaker)


Jessica is about as cute as they come. Like most top-notch New York Fashion Bloggers, she quit her full-time job to focus on the lifestyle she truly wanted to live. Her blog features Lightroom Presets, Instagram Coaching, Services, Dates that she will be at a city near you and, of course, her blog. She really is the queen of New York bloggers!

Fun Fact: She runs a non-profit called build + bloom and sisterxsister.

5. Simon Stabinskaite (@thesimonehome)


Simone is the ultimate girl boss. I mean, look at her; she simply radiates power. Simone is the Chief Editor and Founder of The Simone Magazine. This online magazine is home to tons of brands, hotels & restaurants, travels, instagram posts, beauty tips, press releases and so much more. The intriguing aspect that differentiates her from the rest of these bloggers, is that she is more of a traveling fashion blogger. As she stated, “Finding the right wardrobe to wear for the destination you are going to could be a new kind of art.”

Fun Fact: It’s been almost an entire year since she’s had caffeine.

All of these powerful women have their strengths and showcase them through their fashion-oriented blogs. If you are looking for wardrobe inspiration or even just camera angles for your next shoot, these five women are waiting for you on the gram.

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