Valentia: New Cafe on UW-Madison Campus

In East Campus Mall, where the decade-old cafe CoffeeBytes used to recharge students’ caffeine levels, sits a new and improved cafe: Valentia (pronounced Valen-chia) Coffee. Their mission is to “serve coffee that is beautifully sourced and prepared. If you typically use sugar, we invite you to try using just a little bit less this time. You might be surprised as you learn to taste the intrinsic goodness that comes from simple, craft-roasted coffee.”

What You Need to Know

  1. Valentia serves Rusty Dog Coffee.

Rusty Dog is a locally owned and operated coffee and tea supplier that is new to the city, but ended up being a dream come true for Valentia Coffee. Rusty Dog’s mission is to share their passion for freshly roasted coffee beans, which they’ve continuously been achieving.

2. Sarah and David Hale are the owners.

David’s caffeine travels began in 2012 while he was working for a volunteer-run coffee shop, where he learned how to see the beauty in coffee when it stands alone. Ever since this experience, he’s used the pour-over method, saying it is a peaceful way to begin the day.

3. They aim to teach students the quality over quantity method in coffee drinking.

By teaching us to recognize the beauty in a good coffee bean, David said his goal is to “build our palate together”, meaning that drinking coffee without all the cream and sugar can be a wondrous experience.

4. The interior is designed with simplicity in mind.

This minimalistic design and clean space gives students a place to unwind and clear their mind in order to get that studying done. I, for one, think this aspect is truly underrated because I get distracted by literally everything I possibly can while studying and usually require deep focus accompanied by an instrumental study Spotify playlist.

5. Valentia is home to the best cinnamon rolls you will ever get your hands on (Sorry grandma, but they’re magical).

For $4.50, you can get a homemade frosted cinnamon roll. Furthermore, as if the soft and sweet treat wasn’t already incredible enough, the baristas can warm it up for you if you happen get there in between batches, when they aren’t already warm from the oven. David said the cafe goes through about 3 dozen of these cinnamon rolls a day.

So what are you waiting for? Head to Valentia Coffee in East Campus Mall for a cup of rich black coffee and a warm cinnamon roll and hammer out those essays–you got this.

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