The Most Picturesque Place in Delaware

Choosing A Stop In Delaware

The sun had conveniently come out shining strong after our drenching boat ride to see the ponies in Chincoteague Islands. With a frothy almond milk latte and a chocolate croissant bigger than my head, I was ready for the drive to Delaware. It took roughly two hours to get from Chincoteague Islands over to Rehoboth Beach, but I wasn’t complaining. 

Rehoboth Beach

This would be our only stop in Delaware and I chose to spend it at their most popular beach. I would say this is because the beach looked dazzling, but, really, I couldn’t find much information about places to visit in Delaware, so even this was a stretch. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived.

Eating My Way Through Rehoboth Beach

Almost every famous landmark to visit was built into the boardwalk. We grabbed a bucket of Thrasher’s famous fries and for those who only go to McDonald’s for their French fries, let me speak to you directly: It was better than any fry I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting. Being an American, this is quite the statement, so do not take my words lightly. In fact, if you go to Delaware, go solely for the reason of tasting Thrasher’s French fries. 

Thrasher’s Fries

Right next door was another famous spot: Dolle’s Salt Water Taffy. Though I was disappointed not to see pink taffy being stretched to its limits right in front of my face, I was pleased to know they weren’t solely a taffy spot. Globs of fudge and salted caramel truffles lined the glass cases. There were rainbow lollipops and chocolate bon buns. I change my mind on what I said about Chincoteague Islands, THIS was my childhood dream. I got suckered into buying their classic: A box of salt water taffy in every flavor. Throwing this into the back of the already-too-full car, we stepped onto the boardwalk for a stroll. 

Dolle’s Salt Water Taffy

The sky was now completely blue and the sun was making me want to lose my jacket. There were dogs—so many dogs—enjoying an afternoon with their beloved owners. If they were one of the lucky ones, they may get to end their walk with a sweet scoop from Salty Dogs, an ice cream parlor for four-legged friends. Like, literally, the dogs go and pick out their own ice cream. Something tells me peanut butter is a popular flavor there.

Salty Paws Ice Cream

Exploring Rehoboth Beach

Further down, a wedding party was gathered, getting their pictures done on the beach. The bride was gleaming, soaking in the gorgeous weather they’d lucked out on. We decided the boardwalk didn’t have much more to offer than we’d already accepted and took the journey out into the sand. 

Beach Entrance

Finding Treasures From the Ocean

I was surprised to see not many people on the shore, however, I suppose it was just a random weekday in October. The sand held many treasures, although most of them ended up being carcasses of horseshoe crabs. I couldn’t believe how many there were. I think every thirty feet we came across a new monster baking in the sun. Maybe that’s why not many people were swimming, they saw what lurked beneath the dark blue water.

Horseshoe Crab

I walked barefoot, leaving the trace of my footsteps behind me. The salty ocean water reached my ankles every once in a while, splashing the cuff of my blue jeans and then retreating. We walked and walked and walked until the beach brought us back to the boardwalk, and then our car. Delaware wasn’t so bad; I could see myself spending a summer here. 

Beach Stroll

A Ferry To Remember

From Rehoboth Beach, Lewes was a fifteen minute drive. This was the site of the first European settlement in Delaware. However, to us, this was the site of the Cape May-Lewes Ferry. We drove onto the giant ship, parking on the lower the level. We were avoiding an eight hour drive and transforming it into a two hour boat ride to get to over to New Jersey from Delaware. This we knew. What we didn’t know, however, was that there was a full bar upstairs awaiting our arrival. 

A Half-Empty Ferry Bloody

I ordered a Bloody Mary and stepped out onto the upper deck. We were alone in the middle of the ocean—no other boats in sight. The sun was beginning to set over the waves rippling out of the the motor. Seagulls chased us, dipping into the upturned water, although I wasn’t sure if it was to catch some discombobulated fish or to try their hand at a man-made bubble bath. A few of the smart ones landed on the back, hitching a free ride up the coast. Though our travels weren’t quite as inexpensive, they were worth the views, a currency I’ve been focusing on more than USD lately. 

Before long, the shore came into view and we had crossed the border from Delaware to New Jersey. This is where we’d be spending the night, although, like most things on this adventure, it didn’t come without a drive. Forty-five minutes later, we arrived in Atlantic City…

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