How To Celebrate New Year’s in Paris

With a new wave of coronavirus surging the world, many cities’ New Year’s events are being cancelled. Unfortunately, Paris is one of those cities. According to CNN, “French Prime Minister Jean Castex said that major public parties and fireworks would be banned on New Year’s Eve” for the 2022 celebration. I’m sure this statement has come as a disappointment to many, especially those spending their 2022 New Year’s in Paris. However, there are plenty more ways that you can enjoy the holiday this year.

1. Seine River Cruise

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The Seine River Cruise is a spectacular way to get a view of Paris from a different perspective. They have all sorts of cruises ranging from Lunch and Dinner Cruises to Sightseeing Cruises and Champagne Cruises. I think you can guess which one is on my list.

2. The Eiffel Tower

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I think this one is on everybody’s bucket list. Though many think there are normally fireworks here, they actually do not have them at the Eiffel Tower for New Year’s. However, the Eiffel Tower will be lit special in celebration of the new year.

3. Parisian Cabaret Dinner & Show

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The Cabaret is a wonderful place to get your dinner and a show all in one location. Moulin Rouge is probably the most well-known cabaret show in Paris. This year, they’ve got a special New Year’s Eve menu with classic French cuisine. However, if you have any special food needs, Moulin Rouge also offers a Vegan and Pesco-Vegetarian New Year’s Menu. This show is not to be missed!

4. Indulge On A Gourmet Dinner

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There are plenty of fabulous restaurants who know how to celebrate New Year’s in Paris the right way: With mouth-watering food. Many restaurants have created a special 2021 New Year’s Eve Menu, like Le Duplex, Ladurée, and Terminus Nord.

5. Go To The Opera

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If you’re looking for a lively yet relaxing evening, look no further. Both the Palais Garnier Opera and Opera Bastille have events happening on New Year’s Eve that you will not want to miss.

6. Get Lost in Disneyland

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Though this year’s Disneyland New Year’s Celebration in Paris will look a little different than prior years, Disneyland promises to put on a show! Giving everyone a second day of fun for free, you’ll be able to enjoy an exclusive parade, plenty of shows and Christmas specials and Selfie Spots with Disney Characters.

7. Ice Skating

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Looking for a way to burn off that gourmet meal? During December, plenty of ice rinks open up around the city. However, if you’re looking for the largest rink to skate under the lights at, head to Grand Palais. You can enjoy a night in this winter wonderland for as low as 17 euros.

8. Have A Spa Day

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Not into the whole dressing-over-the-top-and-heading-to-a-crowded-club thing this year? Treat yourself to a relaxing spa day in The Institut Dior at Hotel Plaza Athénée.

9. Party at the Yoyo

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Right across from the Eiffel Tower is a party venue called Yoyo. Promising a DJ, confetti and lots of dancing, you’ll be sure to end your night the right way (sore from the dance floor).

10. Celebrate Like A Local

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So, maybe a lot of the main tourist attractions are closed for this New Year’s. However, that’s not stopping any of the locals from celebrating their traditions. If you want to celebrate like a local, do it right! Head to a supermarket or confectioner’s shop anywhere in Paris. Pick up a traditional New Year’s specialty, like papillottes. Not only are these one of the most romantic candies ever created, but when you unwrap the traditional gold or colored paper, they will POP like a firework! Looks like we don’t need the Paris firework display after all.

I hope this short guide on how to spend 2022 New Year’s in Paris gave you a starting point to your holiday adventures. As always, if you have any more suggestions, please feel free to comment below!

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