The Best Places To Eat In Great Exuma

The island may be small, but the best places to eat in Great Exuma are definitely not. First of all, let’s be honest: We all know how the food is at those all-inclusive resorts…bland, boring and repetitive. On one hand you paid for the food to be included, so might as well get your money’s worth. On the other hand, I know the feeling all too well of realizing I have to eat scrambled eggs and soggy fruit scooped out of the same buffet for the third day in a row. A vacation should be more exciting than that. After all, trying the local cuisine is one of the best parts of exploring a new place! Below are some of the best places to eat in Great Exuma, tried and tested by yours truly.

Good To Know:

  • BSD and USD have an equal exchange rate, so cash in either currency is accepted most places.
  • It’s island time! If your food is ready within the hour, then it’s not going to be good. You’ll need to have some patience.
  • Conch is the national food in The Bahamas and you will find it in a ton of dishes: Conch Fritters, Conch Salad, Conch Chowder, etc.

The Best Places To Eat In Great Exuma

1. Big D’s

Big D’s was my all time favorite place for dinner in Great Exuma. The property itself is on the beach and you can watch the sunset over the ocean while dining. The food is so good here that the chef himself gets hired for private parties at houses to cook meals (not a bad option either!) For dessert, you absolutely have to get the Guava Duff. It changed my life.

2. T’ n’ T Delights

Though T’n’T is more known for its bar, the food is pretty great, too. This is definitely a local’s spot for drinking, so it probably won’t even show up on the map. You’ll be able to hang out, have a few Kalik’s and play dominoes while waiting for your philly cheesesteak to be ready…at least that’s what I did.

3. Santanna’s Bar & Grill

Conch Fritters The Bahamas
Conch Fritters

Santanna’s Bar & Grill is a great spot to hang out after a day at Tropic of Cancer Beach. You can get local beers, enjoy some of the freshest seafood and maybe even spot some nursing sharks swimming along the shore! Oh, and the conch fritters are not to be missed.

4. Mom’s Bakery

Mom’s Bakery is just next door to Santanna’s Bar & Grill, making it a great stop for dessert….or breakfast. What? You’re on vacation! There are no rules. Anyway, Mom is known for her homemade rum cake and you’ll have to try it at LEAST once. If you’re not into rum cake, however, she does have plenty of other tasty homemade goods.

5. Chat N’ Chill

Chat N' Chill Sunday Pig Roast: Best Places To Eat In Great Exuma
Chat N’ Chill Pig Roast

Now, I suppose this isn’t technically in Great Exuma, but Stocking Island is only a short water taxi ride away! It costs $15 for roundtrip transportation. On Sundays, Chat N’ Chill has their famous Sunday Pig Roast, which is NOT to be missed.

6. Cocoplum Bistro

Best Places To Eat in Great Exuma: Cocoplum Bistro
Cocoplum Bistro View

I ate three meals here while in Great Exuma and they were all wonderful. This is probably the most formal place to eat outside of the resorts and though they have some local food, the restaurant is French and so are many of the workers. If you’ve had enough island food or are simply craving some pasta and wine, Cocoplum Bistro is the spot.

7. Blu on The Water

Blu On The Water has one of the best views from their patio in all of Great Exuma. You can gaze out over the turquoise water and watch the jetskis cruise past the enormous sand bars. Their food was wonderful and the staff was extremely professional. This is definitely more of a tourist spot than a local spot because of the prices, however, the food is not compromised for the views!

I hope you enjoy dining at some of the best places to eat in Great Exuma. If you’re anything like me, you may even enjoy dining at them more than once, but, hey! You’re in The Bahamas. Living your best life starts with a Kalik beer and some conch fritters.

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