Best Instagram Looks: New York

With so much of our life becoming digital, social media happens to come to our advantage when watching out for the latest trends. These seven instagrammers are absolutely slaying the game with their closets and we can’t wait to see what they bring us next.

  1. @alexxtheillest

This romper from @theboutique is a necessity for any brunch date. We love the fact that she chose white booties to pair it with, leaving us with more of that carefree summer vibe.

2. @iuliaandrei


This central park look is just one of many for content creator Iulia Andrei. She has tons more of these stunningly magical shots on her feed as she’s based in New York with an obvious eye for fashion.

3. @the.stylishgambino


We love this look from Brooklyn on the Upper East Side! She has implemented the statement leather jacket with a sheer top and staple booties–a classic look for any walk in the park.

4. @lindsaynicholasnewyork


Lindsay Nicholas New York is a clothing line in New York made for women who define their own dress code. They completely killed the minimalist look, opting for a simple black dress and leather jacket.

5. @legend330


This style is very bold and interesting to look at in the best way possible. It plays the field of a professional styled outfit, but then makes it fun by adding the cropped top and simple hat.

6. @newyork_lookbook_

New York_lookbook_

As she stated in her Instagram caption, “‘Tis the season to blend in with the leaves.” And she could not be more right. Fall colors such as red, orange and yellow tend to bring out life in the season when everything seems to be dying–except for fashion, that is.

7. @gigirifashion


I know what you’re thinking: Camo is officially in, as this model stunts a sequined off-the-shoulder camo dress. If you like what you see, I’d recommend tossing @gigirifashion a follow! They describe themselves as a “unique tween and teen brand for the young sophisticate based out of New York.”

Instagram is a very powerful tool in that we can catch up on the latest trends all over the globe with the tap of a button. So whether you are posting your latest purchases or scrolling to stay with the times, keep it coming! You just may be featured on the next Best Instagram Looks.

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